Closet(ish) cosplay: Cinderella’s house dress

When I was cosplaying a lot, I like to try and alternate big, labour-intensive costumes with more simple, closet ones. Gold Coast Supanova in April always sneaks up on me, so it was usually the con for playing around with costumes built around a few simple outfit pieces and this Cinderella house dress costume was one of these.

Cinderella 2015 Gown – Cosrea Review

I am not a seamstress. I have a sewing machine and I can sew in a straight line, that’s pretty much it. I’ve made a few things, but nothing that I’m a hundred percent happy with, and after more than a few bungled efforts on expensive fabric (chiffon, I’m looking at you), I now save most of my sewing for making minor repairs or alterations.That’s why, when I missed out on winning the 2015 Cinderella dress, I decided that if I ever wanted to cosplay as Ella, I had to save up and pay for the dress to be made.

Kiss the Girl


When I went to Disneyland for the first time in 2015, I spent months before planning the perfect Disneybound outfits. Since then, for some reason my wardrobe has exploded with Disney-themed or styled outfits. A little while ago I even did an entire week of Little Mermaid themed outfits, and I have plans in the works for other weeklong Bounds (March is Beauty and the Beast month folks!!)