We’re creepy and we’re kooky…


It’s Halloween, yay!

I’m not sure if it’s because it’s falling on a Saturday this year, or if my dreams have finally come true, but Halloween feels like a bigger deal than it has in years. It was never really a thing here in Australia, but it’s been getting bigger and bigger. I’ve been out and about today and there are so many people dressed in costumes and makeup talking about trick or treating and parties, and I love it.

Out of the bargain bin

I’ve been wearing vintage for a really long time. Even back in the day where I was a complete rock chick/tomboy, I would drive over to Wooloowin where a lady had a retro store in a house called The Retro Stop, and buy 60s and 70s men’s pants (grandpa pants as they were known as in my house). But when I first started to change my outfit to being vintage-inspired and then pinup, I had no money to buy repro or the really expensive, highly curated vintage beauties you see at retro stores. I’ve mentioned before that I changed my dressing style by buying cheaper clothes from Kmart and Target if they had a vintage shape, or adding vintage hairstyles and makeup to modern clothes. But the other thing I did was shop the bargain bins.